Used Book Stores in Long Beach

Where to find used book stores in Long Beach California.

One Dollar Bookstore
This one dollar bookstore moved from its former downtown Long Beach location to its current Rainbow Harbor location in 2011. This wonderful used book shop is a goldmine for book lovers because every single book in this 21,000 square foot bookstore, whether paperback or hardback, is $1.00. Located in the former Borders Bookstore location at 101 South Pine Avenue in The Pike at Rainbow Harbor dining and entertainment complex.

Once Read Books
1800 square foot used bookstore with approximately 35,000 hardback and paperback used books. Many of their titles are listed on their Web site but thousands more are available in their store. Located in the Parkview Village Triangle at 5422 East Village Road in Long Beach, California. For more information call 562-420-1034.

Castle of Books
Used book store with more then 32,000 titles and an an inventory that also includes comic books, toys, movies, and magazines. Located at 4302 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach, California. For more information call 562-448-2262.

Easy Does It Books & Gifts
3517 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803-6003
Phone: 562-621-1042

Once Upon A Story Children's Books

Equal Writes
344 East 4th Street
Long Beach, California 90802
Phone: 562-491-5600

1818 Palo Verde Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90815
Phone: 562-594-7900

Alabadle Christian Store
505 East 4th Stret
Long Beach, California 90802-2502
Phone: 562-436-0590

Shore Books and Art Gallery
3064 East Broadway
Long Beach, California 90803
Phone: 562 433-9633

Safe Navigation Marine Charts
236-240 Pine Avenue
Long Beach, California 90802
Phone: 562-590-8744

The Windhorse Theosophical Center and Library
3145 East Broadway
Long Beach California 90803
Phone: 562-438-8844

One Dollar Bookstore
248 Pine Avenue
Long Beach, California 90802
Phone: 562-624-4500

Apostrophe Books
4712 East 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803-5309
Phone: 562-438-7950

Audio Books Roberts
237 Kennebec Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90803-6234
Phone: 562-439-6515

Cotter Church Supplies
1960 East Del Amo Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90807-1108
Phone: 562-424-0963

Pilot Shop?
4235 East Donald Douglas Drive
Long Beach, California 90808-1728
Phone: 562-425-6002

Nused Books
4141 Norse Way
Long Beach, California 90808-1532
Phone: 562-420-2467

Barnes and Noble Booksellers
Marina Pacifica Mall
6326 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, California
Phone: 562-431-2253?

Borders Books Los Altos
Los Altos Market Center
2110 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California
Phone: 562-799-0486?

Borders Books South Pine
101 South Pine Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-491-0558

Pulp Fiction
1742 Clark Avenue
Long Beach, California
Phone: 562-986-4154?
(comic books, anime, manga)

Amazing Comics & Cards
5555 East Stearns Street
Long Beach, California 90815-3100
Phone: 562-493-4427

Points of Light
4358 East Stearns Street
Long Beach, Californioa 90815-2535
Phone: 562-985-3388
(metaphysical books and supplies)

Acres of Books (1934-2008)
This huge and famous used book store in Long Beach California was founded in 1934 by Bertrand Smith. It was originally located at 140 Pacific Avenue but it was relocated to its final location at 240 Long Beach Boulevard in 1960. In 1990 Acres of Books was designated a cultural heritage landmark by the City of Long Beach. Acres of books closed on October 18, 2008 when the owners sold their 12,000 square foot store to the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency for $2.8 million.

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